D. E. Hermann

Born in Providence, RI, and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Denise renounced her dual citizenship at age thirteen to become an U.S. citizen.
While in California at university five years later, she studied Art History and Biology, and has been involved in the arts since. While she enjoys working in various media, her main focus is on her favorites: clay and writing.
"To me, writing is verbal clay. I love language and, just like when my hands craft a beautiful piece in clay, the same joy is there when I compose a well written passage on the page. Both potter and writer use the same three basic ingredients: heart, hand, and creative spirit."

Ceramic artist and writer, D. E.  Hermann lives in Shepherdstown, WV.  She works in a refurbished four stall barn behind her home and shares her life with her husband of 37 years, two dogs, three cats, a hedgehog, and a flock of hens.

You're It!

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Expected release date:

December 2020

Coming in December 2020:

A little field mouse named It just wants to eat a meal in peace. But a crowd soon forms that wants It for their own meal. 

When escape seems impossible, the advantage of patience provides opportunity.

Illustrated by author.

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